More About Morgan

I am a romance writer living on the outskirts of Vancouver, BC with my own personal romance hero, my husband Neil, our three ridiculous cats, and a very silly little dog indeed. Books outnumber people in our household by about 2,500 to one, at my last rough estimate. I cower in nightly fear that an avalanche of them will cover us completely in our sleep, as there is always a precarious pile teetering on the edge of my nightside table. There are quite a few of them in bed with me as well, come morning–but don’t tell anyone! It’s a little embarrassing, admitting to sleeping with books when you’ve got a perfectly cuddlesome man in bed with you like I have every night. I’m about to have my first novella published with Avon Impulse in October 2012 called Midnight In Your Arms. It’s a haunting Halloween story about time travelling lovers living in separate eras (1926 and 1866!) and a creepy old house called Stonecross Hall that clings ominously to the Devon coastline. Doesn’t that sound delicious? I am personally very fond of creepy old houses clinging to coastlines, be they in Devon, or elsewhere. Keep your eye on my blog, or Facebook, or Twitter, for the announcement of the exact date of publication. See my first blog post in which I talk about getting “the call” from Avon, one of the most exciting days in the life of every romance writer.

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