In Which There are 7 Days Left Til Halloween!

Dear Reader,

Guess what, ghouls and ghosties? The One Week Halloween Countdown has begun! In only seven days, the veils between the world of the living and the land of the dead will have grown so thin that everyone will have to dress up in costumes to fool the roaming spirits into thinking the rest of us are one of them! And so strangers will give us all candy, of course! After all, inappropriately sexy costumes and mass amounts of sugar are what the Halloween season is all about. And T.Ping your neighbour’s house. We can’t forget that.

Last night, Mr. Kelly and I bought our pumpkins for carving Jack O’Lanterns, and as usual, we were quite the grocery aisle spectacle. Maybe it had something to do with the way we piled pumpkins so precariously in our pushcart that we looked in serious danger of causing a Halloween-related mishap in the baking supply aisle—I don’t know! But people sure were staring, commenting, and laughing! We didn’t mind, though. Anything we can do to entertain bored, late-night shoppers is our pleasure. And hopefully  the sight of two bespectacled redheads pushing a cart full of pumpkins made our fellow shoppers really feel the spirit of the Great Pumpkin, and will be inspired to start their own Jack O’Lantern factory in their kitchens this weekend.

Exhibit A: The Cartload of Pumpkins Mr. Kelly and I Will be Carving This Weekend!

What have you got planned to celebrate this spooktacular season? Are you going to any parties, planning any shenanigans? Are you going to visit haunted corn mazes, eat too many caramel apples, and watch scary movies until you won’t be able to sleep?

As for Mr. Kelly and I, we’ve already been watching our fair share of scary movies. We like to watch them all year round, but at this special time of year, we concentrate on: A) Beloved classics, B) Movies we’ve always meant to see but never have, and C) Horror flicks that came out over the past year so that they will have particular 2012 Halloween context. Tonight, we’re planning on watching the second episode of the new season of American Horror while we cuddle on the sofa and drink hot chocolate to the dulcet sounds of people screaming bloody murder and gallons of fake blood splashing the screen.

And you thought Halloween wasn’t romantic.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you have planned for this week leading up to Halloween. Stay tuned for more All Hallows themed posts, including pictures of our Jack O’Lanterns, secret recipes I will share only with you, Canadian superstitions about things arcane and spooky, and lots more!

Love, Morgan.

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